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Only A Few Music Engineers Become True Legends.

Bob Ludwig
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dCS Legends celebrates the outstanding efforts of an elite group of music engineers who have strived throughout their careers to deliver the finest listening experience possible.

The program reflects dCS’s ongoing commitment to championing the work of musicians and music professionals. As a pioneer in high resolution audio, dCS is dedicated to developing digital playback systems that bring people closer to the music they love, allowing them to experience studio quality sound at home and hear music as the artist, engineer and producer intended.

The dCS Legends Award was created in co-operation with the Recording Academy’s Producers & Engineers Wing. It honours 12 individuals who have had a profound impact on music production: Bob Ludwig, Tony Faulkner, Al Schmitt, Leslie Ann Jones, Chuck Ainlay, Mark Wilder, Frank Filipetti, Elliott Scheiner, John Newton, George Massenburg, James Guthrie, and the late Ed Cherney.

Collectively, they have recorded, mixed or mastered some of the most iconic albums of the past five decades and collaborated with some of the 20th and 21st century’s most influential artists. Over the course of their remarkable careers, they have also embraced new technologies and recording formats and consistently strived for excellence, inspiring countless music fans, artists and production professionals in the process.

Their contributions to music were celebrated in a global campaign and 11-part podcast series, dCS Legends – The Other Side of the Glass, which features exclusive interviews with engineers about their process and musical influences. The series includes excerpts from a number of GRAMMY-winning albums and explores the work that went into making these brilliant recordings. Each Legends Award recipient also received a limited-edition commemorative version of dCS’s Bartok Headphone DAC, in recognition of their contribution to music.

This website was created to share each Legend’s story and highlight some of the incredible projects they have worked on to date.

Limited Edition Bartók Headphone DAC
True Legends.